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The Falstaff Verlags Group was able to reduce the effort of desktop support in its complex environment by 85% with n4b "Apple Zero Touch Deployment and Device Management"!

Apple Zero Touch Deployment and Device Management

Georg Grawatsch  (Falstaff Head of IT): "The "Modern Workspace Automation" service of n4b saves us many hours, which we can finally invest in the really important digitization projects. In combination with the n4b Helpdesk Services, the eternal "Firefighting" became history for our company."


The customer "falstaff Verlagsgesellschaft.m.H" with over 90 employees, equipped with Apple equipment of various years of construction and MacOS releases, had, due to additional interdependencies of important internal software products (such as Adobe CS6  vs  Adobe CC), major problems with enabling a smoothly running workplace environment. The employees were severely hindered in their work by the large loss of time due to poorly harmonizing software and the IT costs rose exorbitantly.

Our solution

Due to our extensive experience and certifications, we were able to establish a highly automated, centrally manageable management system that covers the following services, among others:

  • Central management of all MacOS and iOS devices of the company
  • Zero Touch Deployment: A newly ordered Mac is delivered by us directly to the employee. He only has to log in and is integrated into his company environment with all settings
  • Operating system and software updates on the fly
  • Encryption of all mobile Apple devices (GDPR regulation)
  • Central key management (user can no longer misplace keys)
  • Endpoint Protection (latest security systems with central monitoring)
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